This is my first ever Daylog entry. Thusly, I'm not sure what to write, or what to expect in way of reaction. I'm asking myself, isn't this what LiveJournal is for? Yeah, it probably is. But I'm new here. I wear a cloak of anonymity, level one, Initiate, newbie. No-one knows me. I can speak with utmost honesty, without fear of what my friends will think. So let's get down to it.

She waved at me today. This girl I like. So far, so clich├ęd, so what? It's the truth, damn it. I am crippled every time I see her, I become mute.

So? Big deal. Get some confidence, kid. It's not that simple. This girl happens to be attached to the nicest person I know. This does not make things easy, although it does give me justification for my inaction. So, were I to say anything, I not only look like a fool, but I also ruin relationships with one of my best friends. Excellent. Isn't it nice when everything goes your way?