My four housemates and two friends, one of us with an acoustic guitar and one with an excellent voice. At the time, I was quite high and it was rather late in the night so I was a bit tired and in general feeling quite good about life because its not too often that I get to spend some quality time with the guys I live with. Not to mention this really cute girl I might be interested in (if she wasn't such a good friend, but then, I wasn't exactly thinking about that problem at this point in our story). We ran through all the obligatory Dave songs that you have to do when you're in the mood to sing (which we were) and you have an acoustic guitar (which we did). We also ran through a bit of the Chili-Peppers in the form of Under the Bridge Downtown.

This song, however, is the only one that keeps reminding me of that particular night. Watching Ram playing his guitar and Jake sing with his eyes closed and swaying while sitting on the edge of the couch, not to mention sitting with my arms around this special friend is attached indelibly onto the surface of my mind.