Sometimes I just want to throw myself into wall to get myself motivated.

I'm not saying this would work, but it sure would hurt. I hate the fact that I have the motivation to write about bloody nothing in my daylog, but I can't get my brain into gear and write about something in a node.

It's so much easier though to write about my own life. I don't have to research it. I don't have to edit it and I'm less likely to get a copyright infringement suit slapped on me.

I started putting my knowledge of the guitar to good use and I have began to hit the big time. I am now leading a band at my church for kids and I play electric guitar for a budding youth group's worship band. I love it. I get to work with little kids who don't care if I miss a chord or mess up. They just want to hear my sing Jesus' name and get them hyped up so I can hand them over to the teacher who has to calm them down. I LOVE IT! With the youth group, I just started, but I'm working with a band that needs work. The bassist has a hard time with beats, the drummer doesn't know when to stop and the guitarist knows three chords. I'm in my element though because I love to teach.

Next subject: My long time friend and probably the only girl I have ever let touch me, Kori, is depressed and feeling lonely. I met with her at a Taco Bell and just listened, something I need to learn how to do more often. To back it up a little, I have a girlfriend named Kari. Kari is awesome in every way. She's beautiful, charming, smart, and I really, really, really like her. BUT I still feel distant from her. We are getting closer though after going out for 5 months, but it's hard for me since I shunned girls from my personal life for 17 years. Rounding it back to the subject, I have always been close to Kori, but like a brother-sister type close. I want to help her, but I know I can't get to involved because I need to think of Kari's feelings.

In light of all this, I realized how much I hate confrontation and I've never been the kind of person who could handle someone's emotional baggage. But I am also beginning to realize that being an adult means doing things sometimes that we dont wanna do. Which means, I will listen to Kori and Kari's problems because I am a good friend and a good boyfriend.

I know that most of you who actually read these things probably skipped past my whining and teen angst, so I will try and make things as colorful as possible now.

What I've been listening to:

I know, I know. You want that minute and a half I stole from you. Well, YOUR NOT GETTING IT BACK! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA!