Warning: Incesessant teenage whining in progress

I've always wondered, when I got my own girlfriend, how I'd know if I'm in love or not. People and TV shows always told me that I would "just know", like some mythiological toddler with wings and a sadistic urge to shoot people with arrows would sock one right in my back and all of a sudden I'd be in love.

In real life it's not that easy. I've been going out with Kari for almost 5 months. Before I even met her I saw something in her that made me say to myself, "You gotta get to know her better." She is awesome in every way; looks, wit, intellect, she's got it all.

My problem is this: How do I know what love is? I'm only 18, haven't experienced much of life, and I haven't even gone bungee jumping yet. Love is more then words to me. Plus, I know there is a difference between love and infatuation, but can I recognize the difference when it's in front of me. I LOVE things about Kari, but do I love her as a whole person or is it all just infatuation?

I guess my answer will come in time, as it always does.