Countdown to 18: 5 Days

I have been contemplating over and over again in my mind what outrageous thing I could do on my birthday that wouldn't violate my religious beliefs. It is a bit hard because just about anything I could do does violate my religious beliefs, if not my personal ones.

  • Smoking: I have no desire to smoke. It has nothing to do if I think its wrong or not, I just don't care to. If I wanted to smoke, I could have started years ago.
  • Be a Porn Star:HAHHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHA AHHHHAHHAA!!!! *rolls on the ground laughing*
  • Buy Porn:Under Christianity this is considered a sin. All men have problems with porn, but the internet gives it to you free. Though you can't hide the internet under your bed and pull it out when your mom isn't looking. Porn is evil to me.
  • Register to vote:This is something I want to do, but I'm afraid of paperwork. I'm extremely opinionated (those who dwell in the catbox and the usergroup know this) and I have been taught since birth that good little Americans vote. I want my voice to be heard, no matter how small and squeaky it may sound.
  • Sign-up for the Draft:I don't wanna, but like a good little American I'm gonna.
  • Drive after midnight:In my state you can't do this unless you are over 18, but nobody obeys it anyway.
  • Get a real job:I'm a bagboy at my local grocery store. I like it, but they only pay me in stale cookies. Maybe turning 18 will help me get a good paying job and more options

The grandaddy of all the things I can do when I turn 18 is.....(insert drum roll here) (See March 6, 2003) My greatest fear is that I will either be the kind of guy who dates a different women each week or I'll be the kind of guy who hides every time a girl comes near him. I'm not that way now, so I don't expect to start. I just want to find somebody to love in a genuine way and according to my belief, I will find that person. I'm not a commitaphobic, but I don't want to be a clinger either. I guess I'll see how the dice falls.