This is my war cry each and every day. It is my theory that life is not really balanced and our perceptions our not really refined if we our not at least the tiniest bit insane. I came to this theory through one of my best friends. We will call this best friend, Brian. Because that is his name.

Brian to some people might seem odd (he's a complete chick magnet, by the way), but in actual truth, there are about one-hundred thousand people odder than Brian roaming the earth. Brian doesn't think like everybody else. You may look at something and see something totally useless and mind-blowingly boring, but Brian sees something interesting and he will tell you all the reasons it's interesting. I have been his friend for almost ten years and just recently I am starting to see things the way he does. For example: I could look at a small wooden statue of an elephant in a Cajun restaurant and start laughing hysterically because to me it's funny. I don't know exactly why it's funny, but to me it is. This is a side-effect of being slightly off-kilter.

If one wants to know how to be insane, even completely insane, the best place to look is the internet. The internet is a breeding ground for some of the ultimate wackos. Conspiracy theorists, nudists, people with sick humor, etc. find that the internet is the best place to dump there ideas and if one looks good enough, one can find a truly insane idea and hug it and caress it and make it one's pet. Perfect example: This is one place you can find totally weird and wacky stuff to satisfy your thirst for completely odd paraphenilia.

Now, back to the main point. Insanity is something we should all strive for, but not complete insanity. Then the world would just become one big, happy asylum. No, we should all strive to see things differently. If we start taking the world seriously, it won't be any fun. Insanity is the only way to stay sane.