3 Pet peeves of anyone who has a brain

Many people have their own little pet peeves. Most of the ones I have are shared by my friends, with a few exceptions. These are things that not only make you feel stupid, they make you want to punch the persons that are doing them right in the kisser.

1. When someone talks to another person about you in an insulting manner and acts like you can't hear them when they know that you can.

This thoroughly annoys me. I work in a grocery store and one day this happened to me. A female customer was with another female customer and she said kind of casually, yet loud enough that I could hear, "Well Doris, it looks like we got one of the slowest checkers here." I tried with all my might to hold back my urge to smother the lady with a plastic bag.

2. When a person tells you to do something you have no idea how to do and doesn't offer an explanation on how to do it.

This is another thing that happens at my work that pisses me off. It's one of those "when I say jump, you say how high" kind of things. People who do this sort of thing generally think they are better than you. They believe that they are so much better than you that they cannot give up two freakin minutes of their time to show you how to do a task. Sometimes they just don't have the time, but at least they could give you a simple sorry or maybe a reference to someone who can help you.

3. People who blame their crappy circumstances on someone else and whine and moan about it to other people.

I don't mind people who have crappy circumstances, but I do mind when they whine to me about them instead of asking for help or something. And some times people have crappy circumstances just because they were idiots and made some stupid choices. For instance, if you got caught smoking crack in your car, get your license revoked and then you come to me complaining about the police and how it was their fault, I would have to knock your head in. Many people whine as newbies on here. Heck, I kind of did the first time and I got borged for it. The point is whining gets you no where. Get off your rump and do something about it. Even though I am practically whining now, at least I'm writing about it, having some vague someone will read this and go, "Hey! I've been doing this stuff. I should stop!"

If you can't tell, I am in an extremely un-cordial mood today. It may be the CONSTANT YELLING IN MY EAR! Or it could be that life can throw you flowers sometimes or it can throw poop. Big, stinky terds. Anyway, no matter how the day goes, God gets all the glory. Why? Because he's God. Duh.