Another normal day passed by. Nothing new. Except I feel that I'm grouchier than usual. I haven't worked in awhile, so maybe that's it. Nah, it can't be. Work makes me even grouchier.

It could be the fact that I'm afraid. I'm Seventeen and a senior, so I'm afraid of the future. Where will I go? What will I do?

My biggest fear is that one it's time for me to express my feelings to Kari, I'll choke. Every time I'm near her, I act very nervous. I start to shake. I can't even look at her straight. I'm pretty sure she has feelings for me. Is she the right one though? The time is not right now. Patience and waiting on God is the key.

One thing I noticed while driving back home from my haircut though. A man was stranded on the side of the road. Apparently, his car pooped out. I figured, I probably wouldn't be able to help him. After all, I know nothing about cars and I sure as heck don't have anything with me that could help him. So I passed by, hoping that he would be able to get out of there before the storm comes.