You can feel it before you even get in the building. The sound, the energy and the people dressed in black. Last night I saw a metal/hardcore/punk rock show. It was the band System Failure's last show and they had it packed. With six bands waving their flags before them, each one rocked the place making sure we knew that System Failure was dead and these were the eulogies. I am a fairly calm person, but I don't go to shows like this very often (even though I love them) and I hate being in crowds. I even hate being in Wal-mart for too long. I can tell you the place was packed. Added to the mix of hot bodies, sweat and tears was smoke and alcohol. The place was called the Ranch Bowl. It's a bowling alley/ hard rock/ punk rock venue.

Just a year and a half ago I realized how much I loved the dark, loud, and energetic atmosphere of the punk rock scene. I try to go to a lot of shows, but no matter where I go I stick out like a sore thumb.

1. I don't wear black, I sometimes wear yellow, or pink.

2. I don't have my hair spiked, colored or long.

Not that either of these are a requirement to be punk rocker, but it helps you not look like a preppie trying to be a punk rocker. I just talk, dress and act like me, because I believe that's who I am. The thing I always love though is to go to a show with my friends. It's like you form a bond together when you are out there moshing and banging heads. None of my friends showed up to this one though, so it wasn't as fun. Yet, I still thoroughly rocked my face off.