Snow Sucks

Yes, it looks pretty and covers the world in a cake-like frosting. Yes, you can sled on it, build snowmen, make forts and have snowball fights. But it's a pain in the rear to shovel. I am an able-bodied, but lazy youth who's dad believes that I was born and bred to shovel the driveway. A couple days ago we had an eight-inch snowfall. While my brother and sister stared out the window in wonder I started pronouncing my high dislike for snow. To make matters worse the snow fell at night and had been tossed around into huge drifts about 5 feet tall around our garage. It was like a great wall of white.

I trudged outside with my shovel and started throwing hunks of snow left and right. I was almost done when the city plow-truck came through and dumped all the snow from the street in to a four foot high wall at the end of my driveway and trapped my car which was parked along the street. The only way I kept my sanity was by parking my sanity back in the furthest depths of my mind. When I had finally finished my 2 hour endeavor to rid my driveway of the white menace, I finally came back into the house and proceeded to do some serious slacking. Awhile later my dad came home and told me to go back out and shovel.

"I just shoveled the whole dang thing dad!" I said.
"No you didn't. Now get your butt back out there." my loving father said.
"Yes, I did and my butt's frozen." I stepped outside only to find that because of the winds, the driveway had been buried again. Then I came back in.
There is no curse word in the English language or any combination of curse words in the English language that could express my pure frustration.

I was putting my shoes on to go back outside when my pops said something that shocked my anger-stricken mind.
"You sit back and relax. I guess you've shoveled enough today. I'll handle this one."
My father took the initiative and it didn't even take my mom to get him out there.

"The husband may be the head, but the wife is the neck and she can turn the head anyway she wants."-The mom from My Big Fat Greek Wedding
A quote irrelevent to the subject of this write-up, but a good quote none the less.