Her eyes are green.

Before you read this, you must read my WU on April 1, 2003. So go on. We'll still be here when you come back. (Pause)

Okay. Now, today I did a bunch of things to fill up the day. I went to a temp office to see if I had any job oppurtunities, but after hearing the testimonies of others who had done it before me, I decided not to go through with the temp stuff.

I went to church tonight. There was tons of people there because of a conference we were having. I was only looking for one person though. I didn't see her until after the service. She was dressed in an orange shirt with a denim skirt on. I tried to pull back my anxiousness in wanting to talk to her, just a little.

See, I did call her April 2, 2003 and I finally confessed my feelings to her. She told me (at the time) that we would talk to me tomorrow night (tonight). She pulled me aside tonight and as we looked into each others eyes in that corner of the crowded room, I noticed something about her I hadn't before. Her eyes are green. I usually don't notice things like that, but this time I was actually looking.

As I was gathering myself, she smiled and that really made me lose it. I had to look away for a second because I didn't want rush this and I didn't want to seem anxious. She told me that she has really wanted to talk to me for some time. I told her that I want to get to know her better and that I want to see her more often. Then she told me that she was waiting until after our Church fast that she felt would be a better time for us to start going out. (She is a very godly woman, one of the character traits about her I admire most.) I told her that I respect her wishes and we set a date, April 23rd, to go out.

After this I wanted to just stare into her eyes forever, but I knew I had to pull away then. We said our goodbyes and I left.

Many people use the term "love" to describe the kind of feeling I was having, and maybe it was love, but it felt like a deep sense of peace and closure. I also felt a sense of a start or a beginning to something, like a gate being opened.

You can be sure, faithful noders, I will keep you posted.

P.S. Thank you all for your words of advice and encouragement (even though I got some dirty comments).