First date.....ever

It's eleven o' clock at night and only half an hour ago I was sitting acros from one of the most beautiful girls I have ever known. My excitement from the after-effect hasn't worn off and I hope it never does.

Tonight, I anticipated, but I didn't know what to expect. Things I might say or do kept reeling in my mind; I must remember to open the door for here. I must pay for the meal. Smile. Don't crack any stupid jokes. Talk as friends. Don't make it sound like a business meeting. As all this went through my head; I had an incredible sense of peace. I calmed down.

I arrived at Church. I went upstairs with all the thoughts still racing in my mind. Tonight was my youth group meeting. Our youth pastor talked about DATING. I felt like fingers were being pointed directly at me. What could be worse then your youth pastor giving a sermon on dating the night you go out on your first date? Pastor Mike didn't say it was wrong and he was talking mostly to younger students (I'm a Senior in High School). It actually made me feel more confident about the date.

Youth service ends. As I get up out of my seat, I look around the room and I see her. She is talking to her friends. My heart skips a beat and I take a breath. She radiates with beauty and joy. We talk, then decide where to go. To play it safe we decided to take a couple people along, some mutual friends. Before we go I help one of my friends jump start his car in the pouring rain, because the idiot left his lights on. I forgive him though.

We all arrive at a coffee shop only to find it's closed, so we went to the next best thing: Village Inn. We were shown to our tables. The two people we dragged along sat at one table, while Kari and I sat at another. As I looked at her, I had a sudden urge to take both of her hands and hold them in mine. To touch her. I held back that urge though.

After ordering, we just talked. I told her how I felt about her and where I think our relationship is going. At first it sounded like a business proposition, but things loosened up after awhile. We talked and talked and it was exciting and weird to feel so connected to someone. I'm talking about a kid who is 18 and has not once really layed his feelings out for a girl to see. I felt like a door was being opened. Like I was a newborn fawn who had been cooped up in a little pen for way too long and finally the gate is opened and the fawn gets to romp in an open field.

I can't wait to see what's in store for Kari and I. She absolutely wonderful and I feel privledged to have my first date with such a wonderful person. BTW: This was her first one too.

I thank all of you E2 people who encouraged me and gave me some great advice.