As of KDE 2.1, Konqueror works quite well with Everything. In fact, this node was (will be?) noded with Konqueror.

However, Konqueror apparantly doesn't like to expand the inner tables in the nodelets. It's a little odd looking, but still completely functional.

One of my favorite features in Konqueror is the "Enhanced Browsing". Maybe something similar is available with other browsers, but I haven't seen it yet.

Enhanced Browsing lets you add prefixes to commonly used searches. One of the defaults is for Google. Simply type "gg:Borg" in your browser's location bar (or KDE's run prompt) and Konqueror takes you to a Google search results page. No waiting, filling out a form field, and resubmitting.

The beauty, though, is that you can add your own Enhanced Browsing entries. (From the Settings menu, choose "Configure Konqueror...", and then click the Enhanced Browsing icon.) I've added one for Everything.

Search Provider Name:
Search URI:\1
URI Shortcuts: everything,everything2,e2

Now, wherever I am, I can type "e2:eating babies for fun and profit" for a quick grin.