Ok, so I didn't actually have this dream this morning. It was sometime this month, and I've been away from Everything, and (understandably) didn't write down the date. So, I'm putting it here anyway. :)

I recently got my first speeding ticket which sucked. Big time. So now I'm taking Defensive Driving online. Which is cool, 'cuz I can do it whenever it's convenient. But it's still a freekin' 6 hour chunk out of my time to watch and read the world's absolutely most mundane materials.

Anyawy, I'm getting off topic. I have this dream that I'm following this truck down a road. It's out in the middle of nowhere, in the dead of night. The truck speeds through a yellow light. I stayed behind it the whole time, and the light turns red JUST as I pass under it. But, there were no cars around, so no big deal, right?

Wrong. A policeman appears out of nowhere. Pulls me over, and gives me a ticket. "But, officer, I couldn't see the light until we were IN the intersection, the truck was so tall." etc, etc.

No help. So, the bastard gave me a speeding ticket while I was taking Defensive Driving, and I can't take it again, this'n goes on my permanent record. And, since I'm a male under 25, my insurance blows through the roof.

... I wake up fuming. That fucking bastard! It took me a good 3 minutes to calm myself down and reiterate that it was just a dream.

Next time I have a very realistic dream, I hope it causes euphoria instead of just pissing me off.