This morning I had a series of odd dreams. But the only one I can remember now is probably the most disturbing of the bunch.

I'd been swallowed by a large whale. There was no plot leading up to this point... I just find myself in the stomach of a whale.

I start to quickly plan my escape. I have a pocket knife, can I cut through the stomach and get out? "No," I think, I'd then have to cut through other organs, and possibly a rib cage to get out.

I then realize it's dark. I'm half sitting on, half swimming in a mound of writhing fish. And my skin tingles -- stomach acid. I'm having to keep my head up in a pocket of air. It reeks of partially digested fish.

Suddenly there's another wave of fish and water. I have to scramble to find the air pocket again.

Ah! Maybe if I find where the esophagus enters the stomach, I can force my way in... maybe trigger a vomit-reflex. But, by this time I feel that I'm far under water. Even if I get out... there's no way I'll make it to the surface in time to get a breath. No, I'm doomed to be a whale's lunch.