Analysis of a near death experience

When drugged on Prednisone up it is a good plan not to get any wild ideas into your head. These ideas might include feeding your anenomes even though you don't have any tongs.

When dealing with anenome feeding often one must look out for the Sea Snake (Rudy) and the Moray Eel (Murray) as they are often food hogs. However, in recent days a Lionfish (Mufasa) was added to the tank. These Lionfish are poisonous and extremely mean.

Past experience has proven that I can out race Murray and Rudy if I am quick enough. Murry is nocturnal and Rudy is mindnumbingly stupid which have both worked to my advantage. Mufasa, however, I had no previous experience with.

Under the influence of heavy meds, I believed I was fast enough to outrun Rudy, Murray, and Mufasa. I waited until Mufasa was on the otherside of the tank and I proceeded to feed shrimp to my anenomes. I saw a flash of movement as Mufasa darted for my hand with his mouth open and spines flared. (Note: Lionfish mouths are huge. They swallow other fish whole and can easily bite your finger to the knuckle. Imagine a mouth with some fins attached.)

I jumped back flinging water all over the floor, incurring the wrath of my downstairs neighbor for the noise, and yelped like a little girl.

I am a moron when on drugs and wont do that again.