I was sitting in the theatre, an empty seat next to me, and on the other side of it: the drummer and his girlfriend. An extremely tall dude from my church came in suddenly with some of his “college friends” and upon seeing us came over to say hi.

“Saving that seat for someone?” he asked in a hinting fashion, referring to the empty seat next to me.

“Yeah it’s for Scott’s girlfriend,” I replied in a humorous fashion.

“Are you serious?” came his question mid-chuckle.

“Yeah, she even bought my ticket for me…” I laughed, he laughed, the drummer and his girlfriend laughed. The previews started, she came back, I eventually remembered we were watching Star Wars when that “Long, long ago…” message appeared in blue. And eventually some lady in front of me told me to shut up because we kept making comments about the stupidity of those love scenes…but they really were rather corny weren’t they?