Something sad to cover me
Through the sky about me
Something ragged to clothe me
Sacred swells of silent laughter

Before finding myself again crossing over the astral plains I am stopped by the question of who I am. And halted I find no answer but that I am a mixture of every person I have met and have yet to meet. With this thought I plunge downward into the abyss that is my soul to find who I am amongst this clutter of madness.

Drying these rags
These things begin to matter
Swimming through the drifting trees
Something sweet to rot my teeth

Worms are crawling through my heart and I know not what I may do to prevent these demons from eating me through. The answers lie within a tome covered deep within time. When I discover myself I shall find my own path to salvation.

Bless my weakened eyes
Streams become a voice to me
Clashing laughter with voiceless cries
I alone am trapped inside.