I was sanding solitary in a closet, feeling around for a doorknob of some sort along the walls. When I finally touched the knob and turned it I found I had stumbled into my chemistry classroom. Several of my classmates were standing around the black countertops preparing for a lab of some sort. A bright blue sky could be seen through the windows and I walked further into the room. When my lab partner finally saw me she seemed to have a look of relief and came up to hug me. I was “down” with this of course but she seemed to have bad timing for my mouth was open when she came close and my right fang punctured her neck.

A stream of blood poured instantly into my mouth, shocking me a lot less than it should have. In fear of her seeing the blood and panicking I pulled her closer and began to drink as much of it as I could, but it was steaming out so fast that it was pouring down her neck. My thoughts should have been along the lines of “why the hell am I drinking her blood” but they ended up being more like “if she dies I’ll be in a hell of a lot of trouble.”

And of course at that moment someone saw me and screamed. It was my turn to panic, I let her go and her cold, pale body slumped a smile of pure ecstasy across her face. I looked around for an exit seeing only the four windows. I jumped through the closest one and then I found myself in dark wet alley. The sky was black and I felt cold inside. I walked out of the alley and found myself sitting in a Taco Bell lounge talking to some friends. As I talked it felt like my brain was arguing with itself and splitting off into different factions. I remember a distinct voice saying “The schism of our mind.” And then as I talked to my friends my voice began to change from low to high to deep to raspy and my person was confused.

I woke up talking to myself.