I was sitting at school on one of those comfortable couches when suddenly someone turned on some music. It was supposedly a local band, maybe even one from the school, blaring out at me just slightly louder than it needed to be. I was trying to talk with my friends when suddenly the lyrics caught my attention.

“And I still, miss your smile over me…” it began.

“And I can’t breathe without your, arms around me…” I finished with it simultaneously. I looked at my friends, my eyes wide, yet none of them seemed to understand. “That’s my song!” I shouted at them and they looked all puzzled like, so I continued: “Those bastards stole my song! Who are the members of that band?” I looked around and it seemed everyone was ignoring me. And so I proceeded to go from class to class asking who was in that dumb band and threatening to sue whoever did it.

I woke up slightly frustrated before realizing it had all been a dream. But hey, even I like to get credit for my own stuff sometimes…