Long white gloves. Wrist watch. Thousand dollar necklace. Impaled scull.

Last night was the most horrifying night of his life. Dried blood still clung to his white collared shirt. He had spent the night lying on his living room floor, trying to sway the pleas for insanity in his brain. She hadn’t needed to come that night. Step forward in time and see what would happen.

If he could have just seen the future he would have known not to bring her along.

How can I see the future?

The sky began to lighten as the sun rose over the rows of houses that zigzagged their way through the community. In order to see the future one would have to see the past. A cloud whisked by overhead many, many miles above him. That would have prevented this.

Police check carefully the remains of what was once an elegant, tall, blonde woman. I’m sorry for bringing you here. No need for apologies, love. It’s not your fault.

It is my fault. DAMN YOU ALL.

Whimpering child. These situations repeat themselves until I no longer listen.