I was wandering through a black void and stumbled upon a tiny hole. Peering through this hole I saw seven women sitting around a fire, enchanted by the flames. It was hard to make out what they were doing exactly so I attempted to peer a bit closer and suddenly found myself sitting cross-legged in the circle with them. They were all peering at a man in the fire with wild green hair, and he was laughing and passing out raffle tickets to them all.

“One, two, three, four, five, and that’s six,” he said counting them off and handing them over to me. I ate the tickets and was instantly taken into a mesmerizing trance in which the fire became the hair on the scalp of a balding man. All the women began dancing around naked and eating cake off each other but the man suddenly called me over and so I stepped into the patch of hair and sat next to him. “And remember,” he told me. “This is how souls are born.”

And suddenly, beginning again, with light shinning forth, my heart split in two and was separated a great distance from itself so that no two thoughts or feelings could ever be one. And my soul, now in pieces, brought forth upon itself a madness uncontrollable. The messenger was clouded into a solitary prison, from which it could tell not to me of the things beyond myself. The great void that was between my heart and itself produced an emptiness that would always ask for fulfillment, and never fully receive it. My mind was separated into ten regions, one of which I was allowed control of. And the rest were locked away from me. The messenger was to be the key to these regions but he is locked from me forever. And in the void I bled.