I came to a realization this morning about my dreams. I usually have really insane dreams and rarely am I aware they are dreams during them. However, riding the bus to school today it came to me that I was still dreaming. This was apparent even more when the bus drove across the lawn and through a fence. But, coming to this realization, I did not utilize the chance for an OBE or Lucid Dream, but I decided to go in search of a woman to satisfy myself with. I was lucky enough to find my suicidal ex-girlfriend...Since it was only a dream I thought I could trick her into thinking I loved her without feeling all that guilty and get my business done. But sadly I spent so much time marveling at the size of her "special area" that I woke up before anything could happen (damn abstract dreams!)

Anyway, this realization of mine was that, the reason I have so many crazy dreams is whenever I dream about normal things (like riding the bus to school) I know I'm dreaming, and always knowing that wouldn't be very productive would it? So the craziness shall continue...But still, it seems it should be quite the opposite doesn't it?