To believe in something we were never meant to acknowledge and to feel somewhat lost as a result. I can hear the world imposing upon me so much clatter, and my head aches. I can feel the earth heaving in great gasps for air, as the bile rises ready to be expulsed. Faith in the progress of man is an extremely dangerous proposition. The Dead Calm that is hidden within these noises is apparent only to a few. I have trouble envisioning it, as chaos is so very distracting. The people cry out in bitterness for their own pain. All ignore the answers that speak to them constantly of what they would really need.

To fear something we were never meant to acknowledge and to feel discovered as a result. I can hear a million voices telling me a million different lies. My skin cracks like the desert floor and my mind keels with the insanity of it all. I can feel the shudder of another world losing its hope in us. They tore away the veil that shrouded my soul from their existence. Torture to me, for I cannot enter this world with them.

To heal these wounds that conquer my thoughts without a hint of humility. To no longer feel dry inside. Another chance to get to know you. To die more than once implies a life more than once. And so I shall live again.