An artificial vagina made from a material called "Super Skin." Super Skin is a very soft, extremely pliable rubber that is ideally suited for the job. It is the same stuff they make RealDolls out of. Different orifices are available: mouth, vagina, anus and "non-descript". Available colors include Pink, Mocha, Chocolate, Glow-in-the-dark and Lavender. One of the odd things is that each one is scented to match the name of its color, with pink being vanilla and glow-in-the-dark being lime. I'm not sure why they did that.

The rubber part is removable for cleaning, and is housed in a large plastic casing that looks like a well-hung flashlight. The ends screw off during use and protect the delicate inner bits during storage. Additional inserts are available, including Wonder Wave (ribbed), Super Ribbed, and Super Tight.

All in all quite a pleasing product, far superior to a hand (though higher maintenance), it is the closest thing to a human vagina that I've ever felt. I'm not qualified to speak to whether it is better than a raw veal cutlet. The Fleshlight is definitely the top of the line for male sex toys, so if you're in the market, spend the $50, it's worth it.

Artificial vaginas have a huge stigma attached to them, far more than dildos and vibrators. It strikes me as a bit of a double standard. At least among my friends, owning a dildo is not looked down upon but instead is viewed as progressive and liberated. A dildo is the sign of an independent woman. But owning a rubber cunt marks a man slimier than the jizz mopper at the local peepshow. However, I'd like to take the gay rights tactic and state for the record "I'm here, I have a rubber vagina, get used to it!"

oh mister witty softlinker, I have one, thanks.