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While not a story teller, I love to talk and I do a fair amount of it in letters which makes me not a writer but a letterer I guess and that suits me fine. I like to play my version of safe and there's no danger of pain in a letter. It's the yet un-gathered audience and the missing end of the page where the signature would go that is lousy with threat. Give me known recipients and a place to go for closure and I'll write with comfort. A friendly and familiar face eases my struggle to say things a stranger would find interesting while making my own path to the end. Still, I long to create characters and I'm fascinated by the subtle process of it. Larry McMurtry is a master of character development, but when I try it I find mine are just me trying to be a different person long enough to make a story.

Spinning yarn from nothing is not my talent so I will write my letters here with stories in them, later when I’m brave.

I’ll soon be 40. As a native Southern Californian, I fell from grace when I left for six years to experience the Midwest. On return visits my friends began to introduce me as Terrie, our friend from Minnesota. Why do people from the two coasts feel compelled to assert this fact? I was no exception and even kept the California plates on my car long past the risk of a ticket. It was part of my identity I guess but I do believe it got me more dates in the beginning too. Certainly it shortened ANY time stuck in the snow. Big Swedes came out of the woodwork to help the resident disaster girl in the un-sensible shoes push her car out of the snow bank (again).

I loved the Midwest and everything about it. More later...