Now that I'm adrift in this great big city knowing next to no one, I've got a lot of spare personal time plus a deficit of interpersonal contact, which is a perfect environment for some heavy daylogging.

So, since last time, I got a job. An internship, at least. It's in a small (two person) management/production company, in the Taft Building, on the corner of Hollywood & Vine. We apparently manage the acting careers of a bunch of Tiger Beat-type "musicians", plus a lot of other assorted folks. I'm working the phones, stapling headshots, handling mail. I was only in one day and it was hectic, even though two other people were working with me and they said it was a relatively slow day. I already have two scripts to read over the weekend. Apparently as soon as two weeks from now I'll be the senior employee in the office, so they're trying to get me up to speed quick. The principal in the office Friday was cool, but I'm told the one who comes back Monday is more into having things follow his precise system, and a great enthusiast of that traditional Hollywood pasttime, yelling at your assistant. I'll live. I know not to take it personally, and what's the worst that can happen? They'll fire me, and find someone else to not pay to do the job?

Went to the Sunset Junction Street Fair today. Tonight's headliner was Rilo Kiley, who are my favorite band ever, at least since I realized that while I respect Garbage's decision to reject the post-Beatles "artiste" musical ideology and maintain themselves as a pop group for sullen sixteen-year-olds, I am no longer sixteen. It was my first time seeing them live. It was okay - mostly tracks from their new album, which I'm the least fond of.

But... they played The Frug. Wow. For those of you not as severely into Rilo Kiley, this is like going to a Phish show and having it be Gamehenge. Rilo Kiley are known for never playing The Frug, even though it's a great, really really fun song. This was the first time they've done it in a long time, and I was there. I feel special. They still didn't do Glendora, though.

Next weekend Sonic Youth and Sleater-Kinney, plus a shitload of other people I've never heard of, play a festival in the park across the street from my front door. I'm starting to like this place more and more.