Shadow the Hedgehog is also a new Sonic Adventure-esque game due out by "Holiday 2005" for the Nintendo GameCube starring none other than, of course, Shadow the Hedgehog. From what can be seen from the first trailers, the game features gameplay similar to that in Sonic Heroes, with one twist: GUNS!!!

That's right, now Shadow totes a handgun the roughly the size of his torso with him on his running, jumping, and grinding exploits. It appears that it you shot after a large jump he floats in the air for a while (much longer then I believe should be possible) to shoot. It isn't clear exactly how this gun mechanic will fit in with the rest of the gameplay, or how targeting will work, though some have suggested it may be similar to Tails' and Eggman's stages. It's hard to tell exactly from the trailer. All that can be sure is that this game will be totally EXTREME and hardcore and full of explosions and other general badasseries.

I guess we will have to wait until fourth quarter this year (2005) to see how "badass" this game will truly be.

First trailer at for now.