You're talking and talking and talking and I don't hear a word you're saying. I know you're trying to tell me something, but I have a feeling that it is entirely unrelated to the massive amount of homework you have, the plans to run away and the delusions of grandeur. I've heard you spout your philosophies a thousand times and I still don't think you understand what they mean. I see your lips moving, but they're spewing out words just to keep themselves busy. Only your eyes tell me more than the random permutations of your vocabulary.

In your eyes I see confusion and I see desperation. I see a girl who is looking for something but doesn't know what it is, let alone where to find it or how to get it once she has. I see a girl who is nervous not because she is afraid now, but because she was afraid in the past and has never learned that fear is not a virtue. I see a girl that wants another servant to follow her around, even though she would have no desire for me if I did. I see a girl who hasn't cried for years despite her never-ending chaos. I see a girl who has no sense of humility or gratitude and sees that as a strength. I see a girl who is everything that I have chosen not to be, and I love her for it.