A residential area just north of Georgia Tech. It's mostly made up of college students, though there is also a significant immigrant and elderly population. It consists mostly of multi-bedroom houses, duplexes, and a few large apartment buildings. There's also a church, mosque, condominium building, and a Papa John's.

Home Park is bounded on the south by 10th Street, on the north by 14th Street, on the west by Northside Drive (approximately), and on the east by Atlantic Avenue. State Street and Hemphill are the main streets that cut Home Park into three sections. The interior streets form boxes and are very narrow. Most are two-way, though you would be hard-pressed to fit two cars side-by-side down one. It's quite interesting to watch the garbage truck come down the street.

Crime is not a substantial problem. I feel safe walking around in Home Park at all hours of the day. Theft would be the biggest concern, but that can be avoided by simply bringing in your stuff. Use some common sense. If you want something to disappear, set it outside for a while. This is an especially easy way to get rid of your unwanted stuff. Homeless people occassionally roam the streets, looking for aluminum cans, food, or whatever.

Home Park is a good college student neighborhood, though.