I had a set of three dreams last night.


I was travelling through Wyoming with some friends. Along the way, I was comparing all the mountains to determine which one I thought was the coolest. Coolness was a function of how much it stood by itself, how tall it was, and how snow-covered it was. Eventually, we got to a hotel for the night. We checked in and then drove around looking for a restaurant.

When we got to the restaurant, we started to play a game. I don't remember much about it except that it involved building tall towers out of blocks. I wasn't happy with how the game was going so I got up and left to do something else. When I got back to the table, everyone had gone. I decided that I would just walk back to the hotel, except that it was now raining and I could barely remember the way.

I started out by walking, but the rain was really coming down so I was able to float. I went down roads and across rivers and along railroad tracks. I was lost. Eventually, I came to a sign that said "Welcome to West Virginia!" This wasn't where I wanted to be, so I freaked out and turned around. I don't know how I made it back to the hotel but I did and told everyone about how I had gone to West Virginia.


Ted, Nikki, Logan, and I were all at some sort of daycare center or elementary school. We had some questions that needed answering. After we got our questions answered, we needed to leave and go do something else. (This part of the dream is pretty fuzzy at this point.) So we got to the exit, only to find that it was a gigantic staircase down to the road. Even worse, the staircase was made out of stacking circular shapes on top of each other so that they overlapped. The amount of space on each step was very small. Even worse, though, was that each step had lots of pots on it with cacti in them.

As we descended the steps, we were careful not to step on or knock over the pots. Regardless, a lot fell off and there was a fair amount of getting stuck by needles. I started off by going one step at a time but later, I would jump from one step to another one much farther down. On one jump, I landed in a really big pot. It seemed that no matter how many steps we climbed down, we never got any closer to the bottom. Also, Logan couldn't stop singing "Brown Eyed Girl".


I was in a movie theater with some friends watching a movie about the Cold War. It was composed of several individual parts which I assumed would all somehow come together at the end. The movie was done documentary style, with narration done by a real-life Atlanta news reporter.

The first chunk of the movie involved a bus travelling down a highway in what was assumed to be the Soviet Union. However, there were lots of English-speaking people on the bus. There were trains going by out the windows. It looked very much like a cheesy "This Is How The 80s Will Look" exhibition at Epcot or Tomorrowland. Anyway, one of the passengers on the bus got upset at how things were going so he took over driving. There was a man in a wheelchair on the highway's shoulder up ahead. The passenger decided he wanted to run him over so he did, while all the other passengers cheered him on.

The second movie clip took place in southwest Africa. It was right outside the boundary of some sort of U.S. zone of authority so there was no way we could retaliate. There were a bunch of crushed busses, cars, etc. stacked up and burning. Men were walking around in hazardous duty suits watching everything burning. The narrator made sure to state that the men even used "chimpanzee gestures" so nobody would know what they were saying. Somehow, this was all captured on live film because it looked like a broadcast.

The third movie chunk was by far the shortest either because it was short or because I can't remember. It involved someone attempting to hack into something at Microsoft. The end.

But that's not all. There were commercials in this dream. During the commercials, I would go to this huge above-ground pool with a bunch of other people. I could jump way up in the air and do all these crazy flips and rolls. I could even hang up in the air for a long time, as if gravity was less at the pool than everywhere else. But I always came back down. Sometimes I landed in the pool and sometimes on the ground.