Music is the Weapon

The above writeup contains errors as to the game's plot. In particular, the villain. Otherwise it's pretty close. I /msg'd the writer, but got no response.

So who are the villains? The main villain is Helga, ostensibly a chick with big boobs in leather. More to it than that, but that's a secret.

Anyway, Helga is the headmistress of a new world order called "NON." NON's goal is to use force to end fun. Aerosmith, being the genius bunch they are, decide to stage a concert, so they're kidnapped by NON Boys and now you have to save them (interestingly enough, one of the hidden points where one saved a member of Aerosmith happens before the kidnapping. Oversight, I guess). You now have to save them. Steven Tyler floats you his wheels via broken mirror. You commandeer a chopper and eventually destory another chopper.

Now you run into Aerosmith's Lamborghini and are graced with the brilliant prose, Aerosmith's car! Cool! Naturally, you ditch the chopper for the sports car, and then you are informed that "where you go from here is up to you." Not that it really matters because you have to go the same places eventually anyway.

First you head to the Amazon, to find out what "Evergreen Chemicals" is hiding. Apparently, the way to go about this is to wipe out the native tribes. At the end, you fight a chemical skull that shoots acid eyes at you. It goes into the drain when you defeat it, leaving you to wonder what, exactly, you uncovered. But on to the next stage.

Now you learn those NON bastards are programming kids to do their evil deeds! Naturally, you do the ethical thing and kill a busload of them, so you can be greeted by the cheerful caption "School's out... forever!"

Now you head to the Pacific Rim, where you fight a lot of drones and ninja. This stage sucks. At the end you fight some stupid helicopter deal.

Now your paths merge at the final stage, an arena. You first must destroy all the televisions (Because how the fuck can you stage a concert with all this fucking equipment?) while fighting goons. Then, SPOILERS, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED

Helga turns into a pig and you kill her.


If you get all your Mammy Awards for finding hidden Aerosmith members, you get a concert. Elsewise, you just enter your name.

The mechanics are pretty simple. You have a machine gun, and CDs you can fire for extra damage. You are also awarded for rescuing strippers. Overall, it's simple, it's cute, it's fun, I like it.