Mm, finals week. It's nice to have time not only to have this dream but to record it before having to leave.

So I waltz into school wearing shades. I seem to have forgotten to bring the case so when I get inside I stick them on my shirt, like people do.

Anyway, this school I've entered, it more closely resembles my middle school than my current high school. But much more expansive. Huge way up to the ceiling and all that.

I seemed somehow aware that I was late and noticed a couple girls I'd recognize from school. I follow them, since I can't remember my way to the gym, anyway. It was never mentioned, but I somehow "knew" I had to be in gym.

Anyway, we make our way up 6 or 7 flights of stairs for what seems like an eternity. Each flight is red, incredibly wide, and has many, many steps. This is odd, because we are seemingly the only people in this school, and the stairs only seemed to have two endpoints. As my legs are sore—the "I overexerted myself yesterday" kind of sore—I don't really enjoy this and feet like I am going to fall behind.

Finally, we stop and walk into what looks like a hotel room. Windows, that blue pattern carpet, nice wooden dresser.

On the dresser there's a box of cheese pizza, a box of pepperoni pizza, and something else. The boxes are already open, and a couple of slices are missing from each. I'm the first to reach for a nice slice of pepperoni pizza. As soon as I touch it I realize it's ice cold and jerk my hand away suddenly. Quite honestly I've always thought cold pizza was kind of gross.

Everyone began eating the pizza anyway, then I woke up.