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Gee, ok first off about me: 22 years old, female, married, one year old child, used to be sexy, then had a baby :( Can't lose this last 15 lbs. Dammit! Now my pet peaves I just can't seem to kick!
•My husband cheated on me with a girl he works with, twice!
•She's fat!
•Yes, fatter than me and smiles alot too, I hate that! Her name is Alyce Kellogg(I think)she likes all the married men working there. However my husband believes she is obsessed with him and only him, and he likes attention!
•The first time my husband slept with her he got warts (HPV) on his dick, balls, and basically the whole area, he had to have surgery. Then almost a year since the fisrt time, he has sex with her again! Dumb ass tells me 4 months later, now we both have warts and god knows what else!
•Now I have something he don't have, must be female only?
•There are zits on my butt, mainly where I sweat.
•If anyone else has this problem please tell me what it is
and how to get rid of it!!!! PLEASE!
•Okay, now about female masturbation: Am I the only one who has masturbated this way since I was 3 years old? Cause there's no other way to personally get myself off! This is what I do (Am I a freak or something?): I lay on my stomache pushing my left thumb into the left side of my front panty crease (have to find just the right spot), I prop myself up making a fist with my right hand, placing it under my left hand with my thumb poking into my pubic region, I use my leg muscles and my muscles pretty much get urges on their own, I can orgasm about 99 times faster than intercouse, and do it lots of times, cause it saves so much energy, it aslo stregthens my legs, and is remarkable kegel excersizes, I did it so much when I was pregnant, that I was tighter after I gave birth than before, even my female doctor said so, infact there isn't a small enough diaphram made for me. All the nodes on female orgasm & masturbation & I haven't seen this one at all. There is no actual vaginal penetration and my hand don't get messy, oh but my golly my panties do! Is there some kind of a conspiracy not to let the guys know that this is the way we really masturbate, or am I really the only one that does it this way? I really don't care if I am that just means, I am much for sexual than other women, in tune with myself, and dammit I get better orgasms more often!! HA HA anyhow, if you really do masturbate with fingers, or dildos, or the bathtub faucet, ladies, give this a try, you are wasting energy, money, and getting scratched if you don't!
•Ok, I have alot more to say, but not right now!