0900: Economics lecture. I fucking need to go into this, cos I've not been in for weeks now.

1200: Maths lecture, need to go in to learn!!!

1300: Statistics practical. Actually, I'm not sure if there is one this week, it might be off cos of the exam on Monday...

1500: Maths tutorial. I didn't hand in the homework for this week, so I don't wanna go into this.

1700: working in Argos again. argh...

Later: night out w/ Lynsey's college, but I don't know any details yet.

I missed fucking everything today... Tony gave me a xmas card today, and i gave him a sleeping bag to keep him warm.

I put my brother's Playstation in to get fixed, (it seems like the lens motor is buggered).

I get off work at 1900 2night, and I'm goin straight home to meet pigpoo, and then heading to Reds in Sauchiehall St. for the party.

I need to form a group to make a group web page for Apps & Imps... it needs to be done for Tuesday!!! argh...