Working in Argos, from 11am till 5pm (only a half hour lunch break! dammit). I'll be spending any and all free time today studying for my Statistics 101 exam tomorrow afternoon.

I was suppossed to go to a party last night, but had to cancel, for various reasons. I saw Charlie's Angels on Friday, i thought it was very cool, though the critics don't seem to like it.

JavaJavaJavaJava is nice and easy, I need to write a CD class for Wed morning, I'll prolly get that done tonight in about 30/40 mins. (mmmmmmm arrays.....)

Gotta go, be back later to fill in info/data/etc.

Damn customers, ordering big heavy things, my back hurts now... I got my programming done, was reeeeeal easy. yeesh, this was a boring day... ;-) maybe better 2moro.