"You're going away to college?"


"When are you leaving?" K---- was there with her girlfriend S--.


"Ohhh." I couldn't read her emotions. This was the girl from the biology class. She was always so easy to talk to. It was before her family's troubles.

"Could I give you a kiss goodbye?" she asked.

I was surprised, but said sure. We leaned into each other, and I put my arms around her and held her in a chaste, careful sort of way. She put her arms around my neck. Her full, warm lips kissed me for what seemed like an eternity. She pulled away. I was still there, eyes closed, kissing the air. It was electric, an out of body experience. That was the sexiest kiss ever. I opened my eyes, and she looked infinitely sad.

I walked them through the stores. When K---- was trying something on, S-- pulled me aside, and said to me angrily, you never asked her out, didn't you know she's had a crush on you for years?

No, I didn't know. I didn't know. I wish I had.