Running Log: An early morning rain, a fast run, and croakies in the swamp

36 minutes. Fast pace.

A soft morning rain had covered the ground with slickness. It was very pleasant running temperature: in the high 40s with spring moistness in the air. Only minimal running gear needed today.

I hadn't run the last few days, more due to busyness than anything else. Today it felt so good to really let loose and run hard.

I hit the bike trail faster than I'd ever remembered doing. Consequently, I was able to spend as much time on the W&OD bike trail as on getting there.

The bridle trail was muddy from the rain, but not terribly so. Horse hoof prints were evident. A few horse stables in the area keep trail horses, and young women usually amble their horses here at twilight the night before.

Croakies were out. Yay! I love hearing those little frogs. For as little as they are they make a tremendous amount of noise. It is charming to run past a portion of a low-lying flood plane swamp and hear their throaty croaks. Hundreds of frogs singing in a random order - it sounds like a symphony.

I was able to get as far as the second Difficult Run bridge before turning back. It was actually fun to run today. Finally I am seeing some progress from the pitiful few hours on the trail. Weight is still 220 lb. I expect the needle to go down in the next week or two.

Thanks, Johnny, for the encouragement. Iron sharpens iron, as the good book says. It's easier to run in the morning, knowing some git is going to hold my performance up to my own publicly published standard.

Some day I'll be able to get as creative as Johnny does in describing the running regimen. Right now, no women are involved, no glances are exchanged in mirrors, no lusty intentions are concealed as gazes are broken off at just the right moment. It's only me and the trail, the croakies and me. The brain's been turned off and the body's just going along for the ride. That is its own reward.