Templeton, darl and I met at Washington, DC's Dupont Circle this evening for dinner, cigarettes, and a few pleasant hours of conversation.

It was a fetid evening, reminiscent of templeton's time in the Big Easy. We found a cheap hole in the wall restaurant where we could have gyros and stuffed grape leaves and beer.

Templeton is a good looking woman of indeterminate age with tanned face, tight skin and good bones. Darl is one of the UK's finest, being educated at Oxford in English literature. He just turned 21. His cherubic face and curly hair and his damned british accent makes him a babe magnet, or will in the future. The man fairly bursts with intelligence.

We decided to meet after darl and I chatted in the catbox about a young graffiti artist in the area who was recently caught in the act. Borf had been stenciling anti-corporate, life-affirming messages all over the city. His appearances were distinctly artistic in nature, and he'd achieved mythical status. Turns out the artist was an 18 year old rich kid from a design school. darl's been interning at the Washington Post for the past few weeks and seeing the local American sights. We found out we were close to each other and decided it would be fun to meet for drinks. Templeton joined the group when I learned she was living close by as well.

Templeton has an English Lit degree as well. I was their token stupid friend who listened a lot.

Over drinks, we discussed:

  • the recent Columbus, Ohio nodermeet which was hosted by ccunning and karma debt, and what magnanimous people they are
  • how we found out about Everything2
  • its early history - templeton's been here over five years
  • borgo's recent health blip
  • darl's life in the UK. templeton and I are both closet anglophiles.
  • His future. He'd like to stay
  • templeton's life in New Orleans
  • Adbusters
  • darl's eye-opening adventures at a West Virginia flea market. He'd never seen so many guns and knives in his life. (The locals weren't packing. These were for sale.)

darl is writing an article on cultural movements people his age would be in touch with. He asked templeton a lot of questions about Adbusters and the "Andre the Giant has a posse" memes. Can't wait to see the article! He has until Wednesday to finish it.

Harry Potter VI was being sold in bookstores. It was the first evening of the book's release, and bookstores were jammed at midnight. We headed to Kramerbooks, a Washington institution beloved for the fact that it's one of the last independent bookstores in the region. darl got his copy of the tome, being very plugged into the JK Rowling addiction. We walked outside the book store to find a bit of borf graffiti spray painted onto a gray concrete planter. I managed to talk them into having their photo taken while sitting on top of the planter. If there's a way to post photos to an E2 photo web site I will.

  • Nota bene: JohnnyGoodyear has offered to post the photo for a while.
  • Even cooler nota bene: The Washington Post published darl's article on Borf! "We're all Borf in the end," by Claude Willan, Sunday, July 24, 2005
  • Regarding the shoehorned mention of Everything2 into the article, Halspal sez: "Oh, yeah. The E2 reference is totally out of left field, and my homenode. A masterful work of promotional wedgery."