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In timeless valleys full of stars,
In [constellations] green with praise,
With [hands upraised] we feel the power,
But have no words to give it grace.

In auburn fields of [Love] and [Song]
In autumn colors once we found,
We long to speak the words we feel,
But have not strength, nor skill, nor sound.

Oh [praise] the name of [God] above,
[Oh praise his name], let praise resound.
In vain we raise our praise of love,
In silence do the [stars] shine down.

I listen for his voices true,
I seek him every morning blue,
I bow before his [altar] hewed
I want to love with [faith] renewed.

But [longings make not gods for us] -
The world is poor, and only us.
We look to God to comfort us,
But [we are all we have], just us.

In timeless countless valleys of
The countless countless [Sonnet XIV|stars] above,
Where time is naught but distant seas
We grieve for loss, no God to please.