The running quest sign up is going well. JohnnyGoodyear, lovejoyman, grouchyoldman, and aeroplane have all signed up. small complained that he's a swimmer not a runner, but since he does three frickin miles, he's On The Team. NotFabio never asked to join, but I put him on the team because we need someone young and cute to blame things on. He's a hard core middie, so he could do this stuff before breakfast without even elevating his blood pressure.

I've already been on a running/weightlifting regimen, a sort of pre-holidays prophylactic plan. Left knee is hurting like a mother. I suspect grundoon's right and I will have to get it 'scoped, but for right now if I can run on it, baby, it's getting run on.

Johnny's right - an exercise plan is absolutely essential to maintaining a proper state of mind. So if you're feeling blue or depressed about anything, please consider treating yourself to a healthy frame of mind by running daily.

Join us, drop some weight, get into that next size lower pair of pants or dress or furry costume or Martian Meter Maid costume or whatever floats your boat and get healthy in 2005.