LoveJoyMan is, of course, god, and I revere him as such. As our brother in arms - or legs - is down for a while, we need someone else to take up the torch. That, dear friends, would be you. And me.

Life has sucked hard these last few months, and it will continue to suck hard, and so we need an outlet. Here's what I'm proposing:

You and I make a pact that we're going to start running on January 1, using the IWSTF patented method of starting with a strenuous zero-minute run the first day, then adding a minute every day. Run every day until we've reached, oh, say, an hour a day, or perhaps 90 minutes a day.

Who's with me? I can see lots of chubby little boys and girls out there who will be eager to shed a few holiday pounds.

A bit of running will put a spring in your step, and you'll be able to wash that girl right out of your mind when you run along with Face.

Goal: By mid-year you will be able to run a 10k (6.2 miles) without stopping (quit whining - you can do it), and you'll look damned good doing so.

All you've got to do is this:

1. /msg iwhosawtheface YES I'D LIKE TO COMMIT TO RUNNING in 2005!
/msg (your name here) Of course you would. Your life is so pathetic you've got nothing else on the dance card, do you?
/msg iwhosawtheface No, I really don't. How did you know?
/msg (your name here) No problem. Buy some shoes and shorts and a cold weather running jacket and join me out in the crunchy snow and let's get wicked healthy. This cures erectile dysfunction, BTW.
/msg iwhosawtheface I'm a chick, you nimrod.
/msg (your name here) Oh, sorry.

Also send me your weight and your waist size, and you'll amaze yourself how much weight and waist size you drop in a year. Really truly. I'll be glad to post results at year's end. If you're a woman, send me your chest size, like, you know, just in case.

In a year, lovejoyman will be all better and loping along with us, laughing at our puny frames. But at least we'll be able to keep up with him for the first few hundred yards.

Come on. You know you want to join us. The few. The proud. The runners.

People who have taken the pledge:
JohnnyGoodyear......CLAIMS he's not a nimrod. We'll see.
lovejoyman.... to show us how it's done.
grouchyoldman.... naturally athletic.
aeroplane.... who's practically a professional runner.
NotFabio.... because he does these things during morning PT anyway, because he's a personal friend, and because we need a cute young whippersnapper as a mascot.
icicle.... "ok i'll do it. except i don't know my waist measurement. and my bra size hasn't budged in about 9 years, so there's nothing to see there." First woman! And a cute one at that! (Can I say 'cute'? Sure I can. I'm the dumb coach. Dumb coaches can say whatever they want. That's their role in life. (MEMO TO SELF: buy a clipboard.)
andromache01..... which will practically guarantee an accompanying wave of youngboy entries as well. *sigh* The dumb coach shakes his head. Dis is gonna cause problems keepin der minds on da task.
posmella..... A chicka from NZ who wants to keep herself motivated.
Grzcyrgba...... who's already on a running question, and who's already dropped 20+ lb in 3 months! He adds that "E2-ers are a little less intimidating than most running clubs in my area..."
exceptinsects......"all I'll say about bra size is that I need one of those cantilevered, Frank-Lloyd-Wright-designed sports bras if I'm going to be running."

Listen folks, this is a seriously impressive roster, and a damned good looking one too. Join Team E2 and run your ass off in Oh Five. If you can't get lucky, you can at least get in shape.