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mission drive within everything
I'm very ambitious but I will not succeed.
Being a failure.
Penn Foster/Wal-Mart.
I don't have a motto. That is my motto.
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Cherry petals fall gracefully
Seagulls spread their wings over head
The sky is black, blue, bright yellow
I wish them luck on their journey to the sea

My fingers itch
For the soothing touch of ivory keys
My heart yearns for warmth of melodies
My mind plays records of songs

Fingers bleed
Hearts plead
Blades gleam
Life surreal
Spin the wheel
So I Can Feel

Gouge my eyes out so I can hear, break my eardrums so I can see

Sitting, the cat watches
A spider crawls - -
Light flickers

Laughing –
Indifference we have
In the snow glints

The rain pours
My lungs drown
There is no sound, there is no sound.