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mission drive within everything
Mission Drives are obsolete...Fate Drives will revolutionize the industry.
Zig pilot, Tribesmen, Irregular Hunter, Gear, Reploid, Secret Ninja, Attack Dog, other things.
High Tech High
"This is Violen!! Uga uga chacka chacka I'll crush your parts!!"
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Biography...this implies that this would be about my life. I have no life. Hoo-ha. Mi comic esta muy bien. I despise it. I enjoy selling myself and illegal substances on the weekends, and during the week I make a living frightening people. As for my semi-legit job, I work for Microsoft as a hardware developer. I am currently working on the Fate-Drive technology that will be intergrated into the X-Box-34. My job is to insert the bugs that will make it burn out after predicting 20 fates. These bugs are moths. Also, according to some strange people, I can connect to ALL NAPSTER. I don't like kittens.