When I listen or read discussions about ravers on the Internet or in Real Life, I've noticed that a lot of people tend to vilify or glorify ravers as a distinct group:

"Man, ravers are so cool. They're so happy and k-rad and they love everyone and they're so relaxed and easy-going. Some of them even give out free candy!"

"I tell you, ravers suck. Their music is horrible, they dress like 5 year olds, and they're fake as hell. They're just modern day hippies. But worse. And they distribute candy. Bet they lace it wit' all kinds of drugs and bad stuff. They're corrupting the moral fiber of this country."

Both these positions are just silly. Ravers are as unique as every person on this big ol' earth. I've been to ravers a number of times, with a variety of different people. Some people just go to raves to have fun. Good music, good friends, good dancing. Some people go to raves to see the deep mystery and beauty of life, sometimes with the help of powerful hallucinogenic drugs. Some go because they believe in PLUR. And some, sadly enough, go because it's the hip and trendy thing to do nowadays.

I've been to raves with fat ravers, thin ravers, ravers in big pants, little pants, with drugs, without drugs, dumb as posts and deep as hell.