"I went to the firs' customer today -- Mami, you want to hear this?"

"About your day? Lemme just sit on the chaise, and then you tell me about your day, ok Papi?"

"No, I mean for the topic. Is ok?"

"Tell me, Papi."

"So, I wen' to the firs' customer, they have a little dog was barking for me. So the lady take and put him somewhere. They have a little girl, and she go for the dog,"

"Went to the dog, Papi,"

"Went to the dog. I was moving the order, was no' much, just a chest with four drawer. I move it, put the drawer, dah dah dah, and I hear 'You fat bitch! You fucking fat bitch! What are you doing?'The lady come out with the han' of her eye like this."

"Who said..."

"Mami, was the husband. He was like six foot five, and wide, wider than me, and she was a little little like you. 'You fat bitch! What are you doing?' And then she come out an' just sign and give me two dollars. I tol' her 'Lissen, 's no my business, but don' let those words get you down.' Mami, she start to cry. An' the little girl, she was like everthing is normal. And the dog don' cry, like if you throw the dog, use him to hit, he cry. So I know it wasn' that."

"My god, Papi..."

"An' then he is just on the phone to the police, he is yelling 'She hit me five times in the face and tell me things.' Mami, I was just waiting for him do something, so I can break a chair on his head."

"He's crazy. He's just crazy. That's, like, honest to goodness madness. Papi, did he say anything to you?"

"No, he ignore me. For him, I am no there. Mami, what was you tell me about if you are abusing of me, I can stay?"

"Oh, that you can still have the conditional status of your legal permanent residence removed... you don't have to be married to me next May to file the paperwork and stay here permanently. You entered into the marriage in good faith, but were abused. You're not penalized."

"That was the thing."

"Why? Am I abusing you?"

"Well, I don't have no more blender in my glass. To be without blender a hard thing to live through. I am strong, but this is very difficult..."

"Po'cito pollito. Usted tiene hambre?"

"Just a little bit. Don' worry abou' me, Mami. Just give me a kiss. Doitagain. Doitagain. Ok, now could you make me a blender, has been a long time since I have tasted a blender..."

Back up to the kitchen, where I pour another helping of the milk-and-berry slurry into the pub glass. Gratitude sweeps through my gut and flushes my face. It's Papi I'm bringing this to... Papi and not someone like that.