Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM, see below for pronunciation) is basically a magnet school for the state of Oklahoma. It's campus on North Lincoln Blvd, down the street from the state capital, and across the street from the Oklahoma Health Center.

OSSM is a high school for juniors and seniors of Oklahoma. They currenty have an enrollment of 60 to 80 students per grade, however their goals call for an ultimate enrollment of about 150 per class. It is a residential high school, having one dorm on campus (with plans for a second).

Not suprisingly, OSSM focuses on excellence in science and mathematics, offering high school students advanced courses in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics. The also offer upper level course in the humanities, wellness (also known as gym), foreign languages, and fine arts. Students also have the opportunity to do mentorships, working in research labs at universities and other research organizations in Oklahoma.

OSSM accepted their first class in 1990, graduating that class of 44 in 1992, although the foundation of the school lies in legislation from 1983.

Besides teaching their own students, OSSM runs a variety of programs for other students and teacher through-out Oklahoma, helping to promote science and mathematics instruction for the entire state.

OSSM's web site is

The pronunciation of OSSM is a point of disagreement between the faculty and the students. The faculty prefer the pronunciation 'awesome' while the students prefer 'oh-sum.' (since Oklahoma is not pronounced Ahklahoma, and 'awesome' seems pretentious).