I don't remember the exact day this happened, but it went something like this....

Spiregrain and myself were sitting in the living room, watching some crap film or other on the TV. All of a sudden, the hairs on the back of my neck start to rise as though some force of evil is watching me. I look around, trying to find the source of this feeling. All of a sudden the feeling disappears as I look down the corridor to my room. I notice a black streak disappearing though the door and into my bedroom, The cheek of it. Anyway, I leg it down the corridor, to evict this intruder, only to see it, the cat scamper over my keyboard and out through the partially open window.

I shut the window after it, and settle back down to the film, and all was well....

However, what I didn't know was that this creature would come back to haunt me, oh yes! After the film and a few drinks, I settled into bed. The flat above make some noise, but that is expected, and after a while I drift off to sleep. All pretty standard so far.

However, halfway through the night I am interupted by a keening shrieking noise from outside the door. Then, something starts to scratch at the door in attempt to get into the room. At this point, I prepare to use the sum of my martial arts knowledge. Spiregrain and I then walk over to the door and, upon opening it, there is the cat, right there in front of us.

The best bit is that it just looks up at us as though we are some sort of inconvenience and that we have ruined it's nights sleep by locking the thing out of the room. It's not our bloody cat, we don't know whose cat it is! Why does it want to get into our room...?

Anyway, at this point, Spiregrain shouts "FUCK OFF!" at the top of his lungs, possibly awakening the entire neighbourhood. However, the cat jumps back, maybe a foot and then stares right back at him...!

Well, needless to say that I am not about to let this bastard gain entry to the premises and therefore shue it back from whence it came. So, there am I, jumping up and down, trying to take up as much room as possible, so that it can't get past me, with Spiregrain as a secondary line of defence, both of us are there, arms and legs akimbo! We eventually get to the living room, not that the corridor is long, just that the cat is being difficult. At that point, the game changes, since it has more room to manouevre. However, suffice it to say that I eventually usher it into the kitchen, it is then that I notice that the window it came in by has dropped closed.

Oh bugger, were my exact thoughts at that moment in time... oh bugger indeed, here was I, stuck in an enclosed space with an enraged cat, with sharp pointy claws and teeth etc. However it turns out that I look even worse after being rudely awakened during the night and it somehow managed to jump through the window and out into the night.

I still occasionally see this creature in the garden, taunting me, but after staring it down, it has no longer been the same menace as that chilling night.