Some key combinations in WordStar:

CTRL + A  Word Left
CTRL + B  Para Down (doesn't copy formatting as in WordStar)  
CTRL + C  Page Down 
CTRL + D  Character Right 
CTRL + E  Line Up 
CTRL + F  Word Right 
CTRL + G  Delete Right 
CTRL + H  Backspace Delete 
CTRL + J  Help  
CTRL + K] Edit Copy to Clipboard (also allows ALT+C) 
CTRL + K[ Paste from Clipboard (also allows ALT+P) 
CTRL + K?  Word Count 
CTRL + K'  Convert to Lower Case  
CTRL + K"  Convert to Upper Case  
CTRL + K.  Convert to Sentence Case (auto selects sentence)  
CTRL + K0~9  Insert Bookmark 
CTRL + KB  Block Beginning 
CTRL + KC  Block Copy to Cursor Position 
CTRL + KD  Document Close 
CTRL + KF  Toggle Full Screen Mode (Reassigned from enter DOS Command)  
CTRL + KH  Block Hide (Markers & Other Hidden Text Features) 
CTRL + KK  Block End 
CTRL + KR  Insert File 
CTRL + KS  File Save 
CTRL + KT  File Save As 
CTRL + KV  Block Move to Cursor Position 
CTRL + KW  Write Block to File  
CTRL + KX  Close All Files and Exit 
CTRL + KY  Block Delete 
CTRL + L  Repeat Find/Change Default Drive/Directory (Folder) if no files open 
CTRL + PK  Print Block 
CTRL + Q0~9  Go To Bookmark 
CTRL + QA  Edit Replace (loads word at cursor as default) 
CTRL + QB  Go To Block Beginning 
CTRL + QC  End of Document 
CTRL + QD  End of Line 
CTRL + QK  Go To Block End 
CTRL + QR  Start of Document 
CTRL + QS  Start of Line 
CTRL + S   Character Left 
CTRL + T   Delete Word 
CTRL + U   Edit Undo 
CTRL + V   Overtype Mode 
CTRL + X   Line Down 
CTRL + Y   Delete Line