Proteus - 'Ulysses' - James Joyce

10-11 am
'The Strand'
Proteus - Primal Matter
Kevin Egan - Menelaus
The Cockle picker - Megapenthus
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Art/Science: PHILOLOGY

This is one of the hardest part of the book: Joyce is
using the 'internal monologue' in 'full effect'.
In Homer's original book, Menelaos explains how he caught
Proteus and letting him answer the questions.
(Proteus has the power of prophecy and might give
Stephen a clue of his 'father's whereabouts'.
Joyce experiments in this chapter with the different
shapes Proteus takes, mixing the Greek with Celtic mythology, and using Biblical and Shakespearian allusions.
Crucial is that this chapter is only Stephen's
monologue, and you'll find references to Bloom, his 'father'.